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Less Pain, More Gain: Time Management
Secrets for Students


TRO time management secrets can help students study, stress-free.

Q: I’m a student, not a businessperson. But I still find it just as hard to keep to my schedule and finish my tasks and appointments. I can’t finish my study plan! Do you have any advice for me?

A: Absolutely! Total, Relaxed Organization is a life-saver for students. With TRO you’ll get more done with less stress, which means you’ll learn better—because stress actually kills brain cells! (The Franklin Institute 2004) Fortunately for your brain cells, we’re going to share some secrets that make TRO work in a school environment, and help you learn faster in the process. Here you’ll find our 10 golden rules of student organization (plus we’ll throw in one extra, bonus rule that lets you get more sleep when things get crazy). Click here to read the entire article and find out how.

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Got Started? Got Stuck? Got a Huge Pile?


Stuck with piles?GTD and Total, Relaxed Organization (TRO) teach simple processes for relaxed control of your tasks AND the stuff that accumulates in your life.

However, it’s common to read David Allen’s great book, collect everything to a massive “Inbox,” and get stuck. This can also happen to TRO trainees if their Self Training is interrupted or technical glitches crop up.

Whether it’s due to uncertainty or interruptions, that huge pile looms and weighs on your mind. What do you do? [Read More…]

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