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How many times have you been ready to hit the “send” button and thought, “I should add this to my to-do list,” or, “I’d better check up on this later?” Both GTD and an enhanced system, Total, Relaxed Organization (TRO), teach that you must follow up on tasks. However, manually typing every little job into your task list can be a hassle. When it’s a hassle, it’s easy to forget.

Want an easier way?

If you know the secret, Outlook and other email programs can automatically create follow-up tasks. Go through the simple setup that I’m about to show you, then type anywhere in the email title … and presto! The task is created foryou, allowing you to check on the assignment later. Easy!

Click here to read exactly how you can “teach” your email to do the work for you.

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Less Pain, More Gain: Time Management
Secrets for Students


TRO time management secrets can help students study, stress-free.

Q: I’m a student, not a businessperson. But I still find it just as hard to keep to my schedule and finish my tasks and appointments. I can’t finish my study plan! Do you have any advice for me?

A: Absolutely! Total, Relaxed Organization is a life-saver for students. With TRO you’ll get more done with less stress, which means you’ll learn better—because stress actually kills brain cells! (The Franklin Institute 2004) Fortunately for your brain cells, we’re going to share some secrets that make TRO work in a school environment, and help you learn faster in the process. Here you’ll find our 10 golden rules of student organization (plus we’ll throw in one extra, bonus rule that lets you get more sleep when things get crazy). Click here to read the entire article and find out how.

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The Active Waiting Strategy: Thriving on Change


The Active Waiting StrategyWhat’s the best strategy for personal, business, or career growth in a rapidly-changing world? What’s Priacta up to right now? The same answer addresses both questions. This quick article will give you an instant life, productivity, and business skill and provide insight into our company.

As innovation and better communication accelerate the pace of change, how do you survive and even thrive? To find the answer, first recognize that programs (specific approaches) change, but principles (fundamental truths packaged for application) remain more-or-less invariant. Look for correct principles and live by them.

Here’s one powerful principle for success in a sea of change.

Golden Opportunities, Sudden Threats

Donald Sull’s 2005 Harvard Business Review article (“Strategy as Active Waiting“) points out that golden opportunities are essential to success. However, they come rarely and you can’t force them. You can only 1) watch for them, actively scanning the horizon, 2) prepare so you have resources to seize them as they arise, then 3) commit those resources at the right moment.

Simple, powerful, relaxed strategy. However, timing is everything. Windows of opportunity open and close quickly, so you have to be ready, you have to act fast, and you also have to choose your opportunities carefully.

Donald also points out that sudden threats also arise and have to be addressed head on or else. In my experience, threats and opportunities appear simultaneously with increasing frequency. Innovate or languish. Apply now or other job candidates will do it instead. That’s the nature of competition, and competition, in business, creates a better world for everyone. Compare the level of service you receive from many government agencies with the level of service you receive from companies in highly competitive markets. Which do you prefer?

So how do you prepare and respond to these opportunities and threats? [Click here to read the rest of the article…]

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Reaching Life Goals on Cruise Control


You can reach your goals with less effort than you thinkClient Question: “I feel like I’m spinning my wheels, not really accomplishing the big things in life. My goals are not clarified or mapped out, and I don’t have a system in place that allows me to see that I am moving along, that I am progressing. What’s the answer?”

Coach Answer: Although you do need to identify and write down life goals, you need more than that to really move forward. The easier the approach, the more likely your success—if your approach is sound. With Total, Relaxed Organization training (which simplifies and improves on basic GTD principles) you just need to add two simple things to start realizing the progress and accomplishment you’re missing. Here they are. [Click here to reach your goals with less effort…]

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Beating Web Distractions: Part 1


Probably the easiest place to get distracted (and waste time) is surfing the Internet. Hyperlinks lead everywhere, and there are so many interesting things to read and watch and do. This is a huge time drain for the typical person, and if you struggle with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) it can be almost insurmountable.

So how can you conquer these distractions? I have a couple suggestions to share in this and future posts. Here’s the first. (Read More…)

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Create Tasks from Outlook Emails: The $900 Answer


Create Tasks from Emails in OutlookIt must be the best-kept secret of Microsoft Outlook.

Many of my coaching clients are floored when I show them how to create tasks from email in Outlook. They say, “Wow, that was worth the whole $900 [cost of Premium Remote Coaching]” or “Nobody in our organization knew how to do that!” That last one came from a brilliant guy in a huge firm with a lot of IT support staff. It seems easy to some, but others don’t know it’s even possible.

Honestly, tips like this help, but they aren’t the real point of Priacta’s coaching and training. Principles, like those we teach in Total, Relaxed Organization, are invariant and apply anywhere. Tools, on the other hand, are just helps for applying principles effectively, and tips are usually just smart ways to use tools. Tools change, but principles are permanent. (See our 4-faceted training model for an idea of how they interrelate.)

So here’s the free, $900* answer. Hopefully this tip will help you work faster, so you can focus on more important things, like really getting control of your time and tasks. [Read More…]

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“Mental Piranhas”—Really Clearing Your Mind


The president of a large organization once related that Frances, his beloved wife, fell down the stairs and lapsed into a coma. He was gravely concerned and took up vigil by her bedside. For about 18 days she lay motionless, not moving a single muscle. He cried, as did the children and grandchildren. Then one day her eyes opened, and he raced to her side. He said, “You’re back. I love you.” She replied, “I love you, too, Tom, but we’re in serious trouble.” He thought, What do you know about trouble, Frances? She said, “I forgot to mail in our fourth-quarter income tax payment.”

If tasks are constantly on your mind or cause stress, your time management system needs adjustment. Tasks weigh on your mind when you aren’t confident that you will be reminded at the right time. In GTD or TRO parlance, that particular task still isn’t collected or processed adequately. What can you do about it? [Read More…]

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Evernote: “Remember Everything”


Evernote screen shotEvernote is a universal note-capturing and organizing system. It is now free and—surprise!—gaining popularity. Their 3.0 Web version was recently released for public beta. (You need an invitation to beta test it, ask me for an invite if you need one.)

So what can you do with it?

Who should use it?

[Read More…]

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Got Started? Got Stuck? Got a Huge Pile?


Stuck with piles?GTD and Total, Relaxed Organization (TRO) teach simple processes for relaxed control of your tasks AND the stuff that accumulates in your life.

However, it’s common to read David Allen’s great book, collect everything to a massive “Inbox,” and get stuck. This can also happen to TRO trainees if their Self Training is interrupted or technical glitches crop up.

Whether it’s due to uncertainty or interruptions, that huge pile looms and weighs on your mind. What do you do? [Read More…]

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