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What you should know before you go “Paperless”


An office without paper.  Sounds great, right?  Over the last year more and more people have been asking for my help setting up their very own paperless office.  But for some people, “paperless” isn’t always the golden solution they thought it would be.  Here’s what you need to know before you commit to the switch.

What does “paperless” really mean?

“Paperless” means that you convert existing paper documents into virtual documents.  E-paper.  Many e-paper solutions include a filing system for both the scanned documents and your computer-based documents (things you never printed).  Practical solutions usually involve buying a specialized scanner, software, and/or a subscription to an online document manager.  If you have a lot of files, you may need to pay additional fees for more storage space.

Paperless solutions may work over an in-office network, over the Internet, or just for your own computer.  Internet-enabled solutions are the easiest and often include options for viewing documents on mobile devices, such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Kindle Fire, or your Android phone.

Why are you going paperless?

There are lots of bad reasons for upgrading to a paperless office.

- Saving the environment

- Keeping a clean office

- Saving time or effort

Remember, we are talking about converting existing papers into electronic form.  Because the papers already exist, scanning won’t save a tree.  If papers clutter your office, e-paper will clutter your hard drive.  If filing is too much work, then scanning, labeling, sorting, uploading, and shredding it will [Click title for more...]

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