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remail-meA TRO trainee pointed out a great service you need to know about. saves you a ton of time when switching email addresses. It’s easy, it’s thorough, and it’s cheap. (You can read his forum post here. Thanks for the tip, Andy!)

According to, “there are six steps to switching email addresses smoothly.” We agree. Here is what Remail does with minimal effort on your part:

1. Analyzes your old account

Figure out who has sent you email, who you have sent email to, how often, and how recently. shows it all to you automatically.

2. Tells some correspondents that you’ve moved

You don’t want to nofity the spammers about your new account. lets you choose who gets notified.

3. Watches for messages from people you care about monitors your old account for emails from people you want to see, forwards the email to your new account, and optionally reminds them about the new email address.

4. Gives people you’ve overlooked a way to get back in touch

For those who slipped through the cracks, tell them that you’ve moved (without disclosing your new email address) and lets them ask you to add them to your new contact list. You decide from there.

5. Builds a clean, complete address book

This has always beens a tough step for new webmail accounts. exports your newm scrubbed contact list in an easily-imported format for your new account.

6. Keeps watching

This is kinda like #3, only long-term and passive. keeps watching the old account for as long as it exists and lets you know about other emailers you might like to stay in touch with. This means you don’t lose contact with folks who only email you occasionally.

Pocket Change

The cost? A measly $5 per email account, which includes 60 days of active remailing and free long-term account monitoring. You can automatically remail for an entire year for only $15 more.

This is a no-brainer. Add it to your social bookmark list and use it to consolidate your unneeded  email addresses. You’ll get rid of a lot of the spam and clutter in the process.

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  1. I also just found out the details of what happens at the end of “active remailing.” basically they system stops forwarding email to you (everyone important should have your new address by that time anyway) and instead gives everyone the “chance to reconnect” process which still works the same as before giving you a chance to decide if you want them to have your new email or not. and they keep doing it for as long as they have access to the account or until you manually cancel it. for free. very cool.

    Comment by Andy Dolph — 31 August 2009 @ 3:07 pm

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