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iMeet Central

Collaboration tool with discussion threads, forums, wikis, blogs, and web meetings.


Supports team collaboration with online discussion threads, forums, wikis, blogs, social technology tools and web meetings. Additional features include the ability to organize, share, collaborate, edit and file all documents online.

Support for TRO and GTD

  • NOT compatible with TRO
  • NOT compatible with GTD


(Released 2015-11-12)


  • Single context only
  • No time boxing support
  • 1 Dates
  • 1 Reminders
  • 4 Priority Levels
  • Data can be manipulated via an API
  • Tasks can be scheduled directly in the calendar

Support for Teams

  • Groups people into teams for projects or tasks
  • Tasks can be assigned to others
  • Other people's tasks can be edited
  • Tasks can be added to other people's lists
  • Other people's tasks can be viewed
$300 - $2028
Free 30 day trial
Information was last updated 2015-11-22