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Social task and project management with collaboration for individuals, teams, and small businesses. Limited support for shared workspaces.


Asana connects your tasks and projects to anyone you want to work with. Use of workspaces to organize all the teams and collaborate with other people while keeping everything separate. All history and discussions for each task are kept together and updates you of the changes to the tasks and projects.

Support for TRO and GTD

  • NOT compatible with TRO
  • NOT compatible with GTD
Does not support a true Unprocessed tasks list or Inbox for new tasks to be processed. For example, there is no way to filter out tasks with no tag assigned yet. This is a significant limitation. (The Inbox feature is limited to messages only and is not a true incoming tasks list.) Other limitations for GTD and TRO: unable to see tasks across workspaces (if they are tagged with the same tag). Non-fatal issue.


(Released 2017-03-03)


  • Unlimited contexts
  • No time boxing support
  • 1 Dates
  • 1 Reminders
  • 0 Priority Levels
  • Data can be manipulated via an API
  • Tasks can be assigned to multiple projects, but projects cannot be assigned to other projects
  • Tasks can be linked to the calendar

Support for Teams

  • Groups people into teams for projects or tasks
  • Tasks can be assigned to others
  • Tasks can be added to other people's lists
  • Other people's tasks can be viewed
$1200 - $9600
Free feature-limited version
Information was last updated 2017-04-28