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Achieve Planner

To-Do list with hierarchical tasks and an integrated calendar.


Achieve Planner is a practical Windows time management software system that helps you get organized, get focused and get more done in less time. Lets you capture, organize and manage all your projects and tasks in one central place. Achieve Planner also allows you to align your time, effort and energy with your highest priorities so you can focus on what really matters most, without worrying about missing an important deadline.

Achieve Planner also lets you import all your existing data from Outlook and keep it in sync.

Support for TRO and GTD

  • NOT compatible with TRO
  • Designed to support GTD


.NET Framework 1.1


2.5 (Released 2013-06-04)


  • Unlimited contexts
  • Supports time boxing
  • 3 Dates
  • 1 Reminders
  • 4 Priority Levels
  • Can automatically prioritize tasks
  • Projects can be nested within other projects
  • Tasks can be scheduled directly in the calendar
Achieve Planner does not support teams or collaboration.
$79.94 - $99.94
Free 30 day trial
Information was last updated 2015-08-23