Existing Tasks in Outlook and Tooldedo
  • A few questions as I start to use TROG again.

    1.  Where does Trog store the tasks that are entered into the scratch pad?  I thought it was within the Outlook tasks (I am using Outlook 2007), but I did a search for a new task within Outlook and did not see it.  This information will help me to understand where my data is stored.

    2.  I have over 600 tasks existing in the Outlook task list.  Do I just leave those there or do I need to copy and paste them into TROG scratchpad?  If I leave them, will Trog see them and will it also make them as completed as I complete them in Trog?

    3. I have over 800 tasks in Toodledo.  I do not sync them with Outlook, but I guess I could if needed.  I want to stop using Tooldedo if Trog will be the best place to manage tasks.  How do you suggest I relocate those tasks into Trog?

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  • 1. New tasks are placed in the "Main Tasklist" folder (as configured in your Trog Bar Options). By default this is the Tasks folder in your default message store.

    2. Trog can include tasks from any additional folders. To include the contents of a folder in Trog Bar, set that folder's type to "Extra Tasklist" in your Trog Bar Options.

    3. Toodledo has an export feature that may be useful if you intend to migrate your tasks to Outlook. I know nothing about it but one of our coaches might.

    @Coach_Nate, Can you add anything about migrating tasks from Toodledo to Outlook?