TRO Online Training with Outlook 2011 (Outlook for Mac)
  • Several people have emailed me, asking when we might have a training available for Outlook 2011 (Outlook for Mac). We are currently in process of preparing our TRO Online system so that we can create this and other versions of the training. 

    One of our clients recently emailed me with his version of Outlook 2011 for TRO. I post them below for you to use as a possible guide to doing Outlook 2011 yourself. Please note that these instructions have not yet been tested, reviewed, or endorsed by Priacta coaches. 
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  • Doing TRO with Outlook 2011 is similar to the instructions for Outlook 2007 for Windows, so select "Outlook" as your task list in the training. 

    Instead of setting up custom views, you will be using "Smart Folders":

    Setting up the TRO Task views using Smart Folders in Outlook 2011:

    Setup for creating a Smart Folder
    To begin creating any Smart Folder (aka a TRO Task View), follow these steps.  The specific settings for each folder are below.

    Select “My Tasks” in the sidebar.

    Select the Filters drop-down in the Ribbon, choose Clear All Filters, then select ONLY the “Overdue” box and check it:eNanPiZ9h_VBYN_CL6__ieStjVTXckPrKZR-gQ3t

    Click in the Search area at upper right to reveal the Search tab of the Ribbon.  Then click the Advanced box:D3ui2EPPKCYpJy__Vsiy2borRmR5ek7w5HaXXTS3

    Now you are ready to build the specific views.

    Do Today:
    Click All Tasks;
    Click the “Item Contains” dropdown and choose Priority – Is – High;
    click the Plus;
    Click the dropdown and choose Is Incomplete – Is Incomplete.
    The Search ribbon should look like the example.  Click Save and when the Smart Folder appears in the sidebar, name it Do Today.Ara4K_gIFOFwCP8Wa-ydBv84pX-m7Z28AdpfYm4r

    Context Search / Category Search:
    This view is used to display all incomplete tasks from any single category.
    Build the Search ribbon for this one as shown below:iAYs6dCp1Q_P8qgV__tW9QSxfJ_YYo_Qda3dFB-p

    My Tasks:
    This view displays all incomplete tasks from all categories and hides the “Someday/Maybe” tasks and the ones that are not yet processed:JXWCEDm6hwb97QonpANhbYt2Pkf3avdnQWMHSzfx

    This view displays the Someday/Maybe list for the Monthly Review:a94PLAR9X_cGdLxcXcU4zu9GlpGjcvm4mbtTKCX5

    Unprocessed Tasks:
    This view displays the unprocessed tasks, but due to the inability to perform an “OR” type filter in Outlook 2011 (currently), tasks will fall off this view as soon as they have a Category (whereas in Outlook 2007 items would remain in this view until they had been assigned both a Category and a Due Date):McUzGFC3hBGYdJR-8dvM_ssKlzXx0S8-2pk6Wocg

    Half-Processed Tasks:
    This window is used to “catch” any tasks that got a Category but not a Due Date; as such, they are not processed but would drop off the Unprocessed Tasks view if they were saved or closed without being fully processed:b-ufGM5x7lImI6dttYLh5KvjRIbjhs3iNWzCbJ25

    It is also useful from time to time to check whether there are any “half-processed” tasks that for some reason have a Due Date but no Category assigned.  Here is the filter to check for those:30uv5DQWSGnfKGvcLQSMKAVh1CGrTcy901ajdQvA

    Weekly Review:
    The Weekly Review shows those active tasks that have not been modified in the last two weeks (or since whatever date you specify).  Note that the Weekly Review uses a fixed date and a “not modified since” (or “modified before”) filter rather than “Not modified within the last two weeks” (or whatever period).  As such, you have to manually enter the date each time you do a weekly review.  You can enter a date two weeks, one month, or any period you like before today’s date.K_O4T9rRMK2HYjFPbsaffSzdBi6AbNUuRiXaToNh
  • My instructions look good on the Web.  :-)

    One other limitation I've noticed in Outlook 2011 vs. my previous experience using Outlook 2007 for Windows is with the display of lists.  Outlook 2011 does allow you to customize which fields are displayed (title, due date, etc.) and sort by any field in ascending or descending order, but what is missing is the ability to "Group by" and then sort within the groups.  So in Outlook 2007 you could "group by" Category and then "sort by" due date within each category group, and you could expand or roll-up each Category and just view the ones you want.  This is currently not an option in Outlook 2011.  Hopefully it will show up in a future version...