Anyone using Livescribe to digitally capture notes?
  • Hello,

    I'm new to the TRO system and trying to figure out my collection systems
    and wanted to know if anyone is using Livescribe to digitally capture

    I take a lot of notes when I'm talking on the phone with clients/potential clients.  I have stacks of yellow pads filled with
    notes that I have no real way of finding/referencing past conversations
    when I want to go back and review what was discussed with a client in
    the past.

    I've read that Livescribe and Evernote are integrated
    where your notes can be automatically sent to Evernote.  This seems like
    a good way to be able to have a searchable database of contacts, phone
    numbers, notes, etc.

    Any suggestions/recommendations?


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  • Livescribe and Evernote are great tools for anyone making the transition to a paperless (or low-paper) office. 

    Use Livescribe as a collecting point, exactly the way you would use the notepad and voice recorder. As with all approved collection points, you need to process it regularly.

    Evernote is an electronic filing system. Resist the urge to make a folder for everything. "Easy to file, moderately easy to retrieve" is the ideal filing system. Create folders only for things you need to see together or which will undoubtedly become very full. For miscellaneous emails, simply dump them in one folder and rely on your search capabilities. 

    Best of luck to you!