Planning to purchase TRO training but have s/w and device questions first...
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    Having scoured many blogs, message boards, and sites around GTD and personal productivity, I've kept the link to TRO because it seems to enhance GTD and be most agnostic to apps, clients, devices, and providers.  That said, my situation is as follows and I seek some feedback on interop with the apps/devices which are on my immediate purchasing horizon.

    Work as a consultant and thus spend most of time groveling over Outlook, in meetings/calls, and then handling deliverables in the gaps which remain.
    Using Outlook 2007 with Exchange, use USB cable to sync contacts/calendar/tasks to ATT Fuze, NOT PERMITTED TO USE Over-the-Air sync to phone, use X1 Desktop Search for index/search on Mailbox + 7 PSTs (totals ~14 GB).

    Use Google Apps for personal domain's email although used to have Exchange server at home to host mail....Would like to use Outlook or better client than the GMail http interface...Currently NOT synching tasks, calendar, or ANYTHING between home and work, but had played with a client-side Calendar Sync tool between OL'07 and Google Apps, then stopped due to privacy concerns.

    Moving on:
    (1) I am planning to replace the Fuze with an iPhone 4 and, ideally, would have OTA synch with work, home, or both, but not sure if I will, or if I will want to use once I have it setup.
    Q1: Does any part of using TRO or the TROG bar come to play with what mobile phone I use since I'm not really a "Mobility" user and since I know that TROG is a Windows app???  My impression is that you're going to say you don't care since I doubt I will be applying GTD/TRO/Inbox Zero principles from my mobile.

    (2) I have switched my Outlook primary view to a sequenced list of Favorite Searches which I've cobbled together to provide some basis for prioritizing mail which requires a slew of OL Rules, some adding Categories, setting Priority flags, or just moving between folders.  With that, I have hit a limitation on X1 for work and it's not providing all that I need and have looked into Caelo's NEO Pro 5.0 since my Manager uses and loves it.  This primarily because OL Searches cannot search across message stores/PSTs and X1 does not have the sense of canned associations which I know NEO makes automatically.
    Q2: This is my bigger concern, being that if I use NEO Pro as my mail front-end, or as overlay to Outlook, does this interfere with using the TROG bar?  If so, does this impede from using TRO methods in the best possible way?  I suppose that I am asking for your impression of trying to use NEO as front-end when perhaps your advice may be to use TROG as front-end.

    (3) I would like to extend my Google mailbox and calendar onto my (and my wife's) iPhone so that she and I could be better aware of each others' calendars (work and home), for things like setting appointments, and for visibility of our shared Home tasks.
    Q3: I know that this is a little out of bounds from TRO use and coaching, but do you have a recommendation for synchronization of work/home/mobile calendars and tasks, especially where two users need to see each others' general availability, or "free/busy", but ESPECIALLY where one user may have work-related calendar items which shouldn't be shared outside of four walls of work due to confidentiality/security/etc?

    Although I no longer directly support Messaging systems, I had spent almost 5 years supporting a variation of Sendmail and Exchange servers, and client support as well, for both an ISP and later for a large US corporation.  I say this not to boast but to give perspective that even with that as my background, the field of messaging has grown SO broad, especially when trying to overlay some personal structure to get Quality of Life back, that I can't even keep up or make sense of it, let alone effectively narrow these choices to find the best of breed for my personal (and my wife's) situation.  I only HOPE that some combined use of NEO and TRO yields the returns I seek, but I can't be sure until I try.  That said, I suspect others without my background can make even less sense of it than I, although hopefully end up better off after training from Priacta.

    Enough said for email awaits!!!


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  • Hi Rob! Thanks or your questions! Since you have very a very specific and complex situation, I suggest you call a coach for the best response :). You can reach a coach by calling 1888 PRIACTA
  • Rob,

    Hanna is right, but she forgot to mention that the initial consult is free. :-) Call a coach and get some specific guidelines, and you'l save a ton of time researching, tweaking, etc...