Writing some simbols on the scratchpad @[€]
  • First of all: TrogBar is FANTASTIC  :)
    I am using TrogBar Version 200.11.19 AD, beta features enabled.
    I can't write some symbols on the scratchpad (like @, €, {, [, ], })
    In my keyboard I have to press "Alt Gr" plus another key to get them, but those symbols don't appear. I haven't had problems in previous versions, at least in older ones (it's good you are moving quickly!)
    My computer configuration is:
    Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3
    Regional options: Keyboard = Spanish, Language = Catalan
    Outlook 2003

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  • The AltGr problem is a known issue with the latest build. We updated a 3rd party code library, and this was a previously undiscovered bug in the new version of that library. They're working on a fix now, and we'll release an update ASAP once we have the fix. Sorry for the trouble.
  • Thank you very much!

    I'll wait for the update, it's so usefull that I am becoming addict to TrogBar  :)
  • Thank you for solving this problem; last version 2010.2 and most recent 2010.3.4 work fine!