A search in outlook crashes trogbar
  • Hello everybody,

    Since 2 days I use the trogbar in combination with a zarafa(a linux version of exchange) account. I use the cached modus so the data is stored on my local computer. Everythings seems to work except that when I search for any item in outlook2003 the trog bar crashes. This happend six out of six times. If I search in the trogbar itself everything is fine.

    Any suggestions what the problem might be.
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  • This sounds like it is probably a zarafa bug. I don't know how they're implementing their exchange store, but clearly it isn't behaving the same way as the genuine article.

    That said, Trog Bar shouldn't crash. Make sure you send the crash report when this happens, along with a message with the same information in this post. We review these crash reports regularly. These reports also contain vital program state information, and without that most of these problems are nearly impossible to find and fix.