Isn't the Trog Bar supposed to work with Outlook 2010?
  • Version 2009.07.18 AD (Beta)
    Changes to Established Behavior.....
    .....Fixed: Outlook version check now allows Outlook 2010

    I have downloaded and installed the latest version (Version 2009.08.31 AD).  When I launch the Trog bar, it starts to initialize, then I get the following error:

    Outlook Too New....The Version of Outlook installed on your computer is too new.  The Trog Bar Requires Outlook 2007 or older.  Please check for an update, or contact Priacta for support.

    Help, pleex?!?!?


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  • It is supposed to. 2007 was version 12, so we assumed that 2010 would be 13 (reasonable enough, right?) It turns out that Microsoft decided to skip 13, and go straight to 14, apparently because of superstition. I kid you not. See

    We've fixed this so the next update will work. Sorry for the delay.
  • Sooooo...what's the ETA on the update?
  • Is there a quick fix that I can do to make it call for outlook 14, or to bypass that part of the initialization all together?
  • This was already fixed in the code before I replied. We're working very hard to get the next update out ASAP.

    We built a system that will dramatically speed up searching and changing lists in Trog Bar. Due to the size and complexity, this took some time to develop. That system is fully built and tested as a separate module, and now we're just connecting it to Trog Bar.

    We should be wrapping this up very soon and then we'll release the update, including your fix.
  • Thanks so much for getting back to me...i will wait patiently.;D Can't wait to start integrating the trog bar.
  • ETA on the new version of the TROG bar compatible with outlook 2010?
  • Oh, sorry. I should have scheduled to reply here after the update. Yes, Trog Bar works with Outlook 2010 now. There IS one caveat, and that is that on 64 bit systems, it will ONLY work if you install the 32 bit version of Outlook 2010. We're looking into what this will take to resolve, and we'll keep you posted.