How do I delete categories? and Master Category List
  • I started with my existing system with a few Franklin Covey style categories, then wiped out all of the categories and re-entered them in the master category list in Outlook. This list does not synchronize to TROG Bar?

    Also, there is one category that won't go away in TROG do I get rid of it?
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  • As for the category that won't go away, if you remove it from all tasks, then the next time the Trog Bar starts, it should be gone. Eventually we would like to remove these in real time, but there is a potential for a serious performance hit if we do this, and we have to make sure we can avoid the performance issues first. Categories CAN be added in real time (by using them) but old ones won't go away until the bar restarts.
  • The Outlook Master Category List is a well-hidden and closely guarded Microsoft secret, apparently. We are trying to find out where the list is maintained. As soon as we do, we plan to add support for it in Trog Bar.

    Trog Bar auto-manages the category list based on categories actually in use. If you start to use a category, Trog adds it to the list. If you cease using the category in any task or managed email, then Trog removes it when it restarts the next time.

    To find out which tasks or emails are using a category, click the Task Selection button (long bar in the middle of Trog Bar) and select All. Then click the Group button (multicolor shapes) above the Task Selection button until you see the list grouped by category. Select the category in question and click to expand. Delete or edit the tasks with that category, and the categories will disappear when you restart Trog Bar.

    Sometimes your completed tasks have old categories that you don't use any more. If you move those into an archive folder in Outlook so Trog isn't managing them, the category will disappear and you'll get a performance boost as well.

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  • BTW, see this post for a way to keep a permanent list of categories in Trog Bar:
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