Using DGT GTD & To-Do List to do GTD or TRO (Total, Relaxed Organization)
  • Total, Relaxed Organization (TRO) is GTD-principle-based productivity that's more effective and easier to use. TRO also merges best practices from Covey and other time management systems for a balanced approach.


    1. Main app and required add-on are free
    2. Supports email to task via Toodledo sync

    1. Main app and add-on are still in Alpha and Beta stages respectively
    2. Does not support Saved searches
    3. Android only

    How to Set up TRO with DGT GTD & To-Do List:
    1. In the TRO Online Training System, select Other task manager to see detailed instructions and options for all TRO-capable task managers. (As you work through the training, you will choose the specific methods we're about to explain here.)
    2. Install DGT GTD Toodledo plugin (
    3. Remember (or print) this list of jargon terms, which will help you use Nozbe with TRO:

    Do Today = Star
    Hard Date = Due Date
    Soft Dates = This Week, Next Week, This Month and Next Month
    Major Context = Context
    Minor Context = Tag

    Special Notes:
    For all views except Do Today, and Unprocessed:
    -Tap "All" in the main menu
    -Tap each icon and set search parameters for each
    -Tap Back button (to exit the search setup view)